Athletes from Gambell, Savoonga, Koyuk, Shaktoolik, Unalakleet, and Stebbins competed in the Region 1 Northern Conference Wrestling Championships in Nome on December 11th. Below are the results.

112G Raelene Auliye 1st Place Shaktoolik
125G Antoinette Sarren 2nd Place Unalakleet
135G Shanae Campbell 3rd Place Gambell
145G Hope Campbell 2nd Place Gambell
160G Anna Pleasant 2nd Place Unalakleet

112 Walker Ross 1st Place Gambell
119 Cody Aningayou 1st Place Gambell
125 Sean Mokiyuk 2nd Place Savoonga
125 Marcus Evan 3rd Place Shaktoolik
125 Shaun Silook 4th Place Gambell
125 Tristan Ivanoff 6th Place Unalakleet
130 Ricky Paniptchuk 1st Place Shaktoolik
130 Shannon Gologergen-Toolie 2nd Place Savoonga
130 Nathaniel McDonald 3rd Place Koyuk
135 Dean Paniptchuk 2nd Place Shaktoolik
135 Keane Wilson 4rd Place Unalakleet - AT LARGE
135 Gavin Douglas 5th Place Koyuk
140 Jeremy Koozaata 2nd Place Gambell
140 Dawson O'Connor 4th Place Shaktoolik
145 Nikolai Avaulnun 4th Place Gambell
152 Ryan Nashoanak 3rd Place Stebbins
152 Kylon Slwooko 4th Place Gambell
152 Davien Angi 5th Place Gambell
160 Devin Rock 1st Place Shaktoolik
171 Dylan Silook-Apatiki 2nd Place Gambell
215 Derek Seppilu, Jr. 1st Place Savoonga
285 Travis Takak 3rd Place Shaktoolik - AT-LARGE

1A/2A Team Boys 1st Place: Gambell Qughsatkut
1A/2A Team Girls 2nd Place: Unalakleet Wolfpack, Shaktoolik Wolverines, Buckland Sissauni (3-WAY TIE)
Academic Award: Gambell Qughsatukut
Most Outstanding Wrestling - Boys: Derek Seppilu Jr., Savoonga

1st and 2nd Place individuals are awarded a berth, and 2 athletes were chosen at large to represent BSSD at the State Wrestling Competition December 17-18 at the Alaska Airlines Center. Teams are on the ground in Anchorage and beat these wild winds. Congratulations to all and good luck!