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Bering Strait Team 1 were the runner-ups at the state competition and Bering Strait Team 2 followed in third. The teams lost to Craig who qualified for Nationals but declined the invite. Bering Strait Team 1 with some modifications will complete at Nationals in the division IV class which will be held virtually on April 29-May 1. Tyler Lincoln (WMO) and Kaylea Eller (UNK) had the highest scores for their teams. 

Bering Strait Team 1: Tyler Lincoln (WMO), Payton Gandee (SKK), Shayla Titus (WMO), Jordan Sagoonick (SKK), Aryanna Ivanoff (UNK),  Raymond Ningeulook (SHH), Jordan Katchatag (UNK), and Nellie Amaktoolik (ELI)

Bering Strait Team 2: Tristan Ashenfelter (WMO), Kaylea Eller (UNK),  Darren Noongwook (SVA), Amy Eningowuk (SHH), Douglas Raymond (WMO), Carter Kokeok (SHH), Cara Barr (ELI), Michela Saccheus (ELI), and William Simpson (ELI)

Bering Strait Nationals Team: Payton Gandee (SKK), Shayla Titus (WMO), Kaylea Eller (UNK), Jordan Sagoonick (SKK), Aryanna Ivanoff (UNK),  Douglas Raymond (WMO), Raymond Ningeulook (SHH), Jordan Katchatag (UNK), and Nellie Amaktoolik (ELI)