Program Support

The Bering Strait School District recognizes the significance of Career and Technical Education programs and the programs that support multi-disciplinary experiences working in concert with college and career readiness activities that expose students to multiple post-secondary pathways. This emphasis on post-secondary readiness has resulted in numerous facilities improvement projects that include the enhancement of existing instructional spaces and completing the construction of additional multi-purpose buildings that support design and industry instructional opportunities. District staff supports programs and activities at our 15 school sites by providing training for instructional staff, assisting in the ordering and delivery of instructional materials and equipment, and providing guidance for site specific activities based upon the individual needs and capacities of our 15 schools. The Bering Strait School District supports the CTE activities at NACTEC with financial resources and a commitment to supporting student participation in NACTEC experiences. Programs are delivered at sites by a combination of staff holding CTE/Voc. Ed. certification(s); Gen. Ed. Certification(s) as well as Locally Recognized Experts and Instructional Support Staff.

John Weemes, Coordinator of Program Support
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(907) 624-4243

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FabLab/MakerSpace Community Service

AK-DEED Spotlight

Alaska Department of Eduction & Early Development "Spotlight"

ACTE announcement

AK-ACTE Community Service Award announcement and Update

KNOM article about BSSD Pandemic Response





Plasma Cutting for Community Service

Click on the "play" button in the embedded video below and watch a short clip of one of our CNC plasm cutters in action ! ! !

Cut and ready for paint

Cut and ready for paint


Completed Sign Installed at Site

FabLab/MakerSpace in the Classroom


These devices are at school sites for enhancing instruction and for STEM focused enrichment activities that expose students to additive manufacturing.


School sites have been supplied with equipment, training and ongoing support to deploy, develop, sustain and expand the FabLab opportunities available to students and the community.

Aluminum Fabrication

Aluminum Boat Fabrication

β€œDeveloping an industry standard aluminum boat fabrication program that will lead to the production of the next generation of commercial fishing boats and subsistence craft for use in the regional fisheries.” The structure and program will function as a regional training center for replicating aluminum boat building in the expanded shops of all school sites.

Boat 1

Boat 2

Boat 3

Boat 4

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Nome Nugget UAS

KNOM FabLab Article

This article highlights our pilot of the FabLab concept. All school sites now have some type of FabLab capacity ranging from basic through advanced.

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KNOM FabLab 1

KNOM FabLab 2

KNOM FabLab 3