2021 Cheerleading Tournament results are now in. Even though the Wrestling and Cheerleading Tournament closed early the Activities Office, in partnership with the Cheer Judges and Coordinator held 3 additional Virtual Live Competitions via GoogleMeet to finalize the cheer results.

In the Cheer Small School Division, 6 schools competed. Diomede, Golovin, Koyuk, Shaktoolik, Wales, and White Mountain.

All American Cheer/Dance Routine
1st Place: Sarah Sampson - Golovin
2nd Place: Bailey Amarok - Golovin

Partner Stunts Cheer/Dance Routine
1st Place: Lana Ashenfelter & Emily Huffman - White Mountain
2nd Place: Kiara Paniptchuk & Melody Jackson - Shaktoolik

Team Cheer/Dance Routine (2.5 POINT DIFFERENTIAL)
1st Place: White Mountain Wolves
2nd Place: Wales Seawolves

In the Cheer Large School Division, 2 schools competed. Shishmaref and Unalakleet.

All American Cheer/Dance Routine
1st Place: Ourea Busk - Unalakleet
2nd Place: Isabella Eller - Unalakleet
3rd Place: KateSonja Fernandez - Shishmaref

Partner Stunts Cheer/Dance Routine
1st Place: Ayuu Roesch & Avery Johnson - Unalakleet
2nd Place: Turi Busk & Ourea Busk - Unalakleet

Team Cheer/Dance Routine
1st Place: Unalakleet Wolfpack
2nd Place: Shishmaref Northern Lights

All-Star Cheerleaders - in no apparent order
Bailey Amarok - Golovin
Ava Nassuk - Koyuk
Ayuu Roesch - Unalakleet
Melody Jackson - Shaktoolik
KateSonja Fernandez - Shishmaref
Caitlyn Lincoln - White Mountain
Iris Pelowook - Wales
Aubrie Kunayak - Diomede

Spirit Stick Award: Shaktoolik Wolverines

Wrestling & Cheerleading Sportsmanship: Unalakleet Wolfpack

MaryAnn Noongwook Super Fan Award: Abigail Takak from Shaktoolik