What's Happening Around the Sound


April 13, 2018

What’s Happening Around the Sound
KTS - ​Brevig Mission has had a fun week filled with community activities. We enjoyed Spring Conference at the Lutheran Church April 4-8 and now we are enjoying our second mini-spring break with only two days of school to honor our local tradition of traveling to SHH every spring for Spring Carnival.
DIO -​ Diomede Life ~ Unfortunately, our Little Dribblers team was not able to venture to Wales forthe tournament due to a broken chopper, which also means no mail, which also means the group of German filmmakers will not be visiting. However, crabbing is in full swing and state testing is behind us.
ELI -​ Elim recently had the Coast Guard present on their "Kids Don't Float" program. We also had a NSEDC representative help our seniors with their CACHE scholarships.
GAM - ​Gambell is down to our last 5 students to test and our attendance is steadily climbing as all of us recover from multiple illnesses that have circulated around the village. Many of our students in the high school and middle school are excited about attending the upcoming NACTEC sessions and our seniors are excited about the upcoming college and career trips to Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Seward. Instructionally, we continue to focus on use of clear instructional goals explicitly given to students along with performance scales so students can self-assess progress.
GLV - The Coast Guard visited Golovin School this week with their Kids Don’t Float program. They talked to all students and staff about boating and cold water safety. It was a great experience and vitally important since being on the water is an integral part of our students’ lives.
KKA​ - Koyuk is excited hosting our first Junior High Invitational Basketball tournament this weekend! Thank you to Golovin, Elim, Unalakleet and Gambell for joining us. Our hearts are lighter and our perspectives are brighter as we continue seeking out and recognizing the positive behaviors of our students through the secondary Integrity Challenge and TRRFCC Malimiut of the Week. The "Terrific" student is one that consistently demonstrates one or more of our 6 Pillars of Character that we use as Guidelines for Success: Trustworthy, Respectful Responsible, Fair, Caring, Citizenship. In addition to the individuals, Heather's 2nd grade class is a prime example. Going beyond studying about bake sales in class, the class baked cookies to sell in their own bake sale this weekend to contribute to the fundraising efforts of our Junior High students attending the Leadership Conference in Washington DC this summer.
SHH​ - This week in Shishmaref was the annual Inupiaq days. The staff worked very hard to put on this festival that included local arts, crafts, native food, athletics as well as guest speakers from UAF and the parks department. Many elders participated as well by helping and speaking with the students during the various activities. Along with the festival was the Shishmaref Spring basketball men’s and women’s tournament that brought in participants from around the region. Friday afternoon will be the Spring carnival that is set up by several of the high school students.
SKK​ - We’re having a busy spring and have lots of individuals to appreciate! Our middle school students left for the Stebbins Invitational tournament full of optimism and excitement. Thank you Stebbins and Coach Tyler! Thank you also to BSSD and counselors for all your work with the upcoming Youth Leader Retreat and career trips. Additionally, this week we are wrapping up an awesome cultural middle school cultural exchange with Mary Smith and five Colony Middle School students. We appreciate our guests coming- and thank you to Katie and Jason Polcyn; and several community members, including Dale and Rose Sookiayak, Clyde Jackson, and Helen Jackson for helping to make this an enriching, reflective learning experience for SKK and Colony students. Next week Katie and three of our students are heading to Colony to check out Palmer. SKK would also like to give a special shout-out to district travel master scheduler, Donald Masters. Donald is doing an awesome job supporting our travel needs- and we really want to say THANK YOU Donald for helping to make a whole host of student opportunities possible for all BSSD students.
SVA -​ We're still fighting the flu with several staff and quite a few students out, but our numbers are starting to rise again! Unfortunately, we had to postpone our talent and art show due to the illness. Our teachers have been taking advantage of the low attendance and focusing on targeted instruction and small groups. Our Juniors are getting ready to take the ACT, and our Seniors are excited about the upcoming CCR and Senior Trips! The community also got a whale this week which brought joy and mangtak to all of our bellies!
SMK - ​​Many people are dropping by to watch our NYO athletes work out in the gym after school. Joseph Lupsin is going to be a contender in his event. Today our Dribblers and MS BB squads are on a road trip to beautiful Stebbens, Alaska. They intend to bring home the trophy. The joint HS bilingual and HS Family Consumer Science classes have determined that it is no small undertaking to make fry bread in large quantities. Their sweet dough creations make the whole high school smell so good. The science department is off the hook again. Kealan Kobuk will be dissecting a fetal pig as an extra credit biology project. This pig was born in South Dakota and then packaged for a biology student to study. Those natural resource scholars were taking owl balls part which they learned are the dropping of owls. One finding is that these Lower 48 owls enjoyed eating mice. Our new maintenance man is Keith Lockwood. Every day you can hear him encouraging all the arriving kids to have a good breakfast and do their best. Our SMK seniors are taking a trip with Counselor Josh Mathlaw to see more about colleges in Anchorage and they can't believe their first 14 years of school are about over! They all want pizza while in town.
WBB -​ Stebbins made it through PEAKS testing which was difficult to complete do ot all the illnesses in Stebbins. A big thank you goes out to AP Betty and her testing team of Nicole and Micala for their hard work and masterful scheduling that took place. On a sports note the Stebbins Basketball Tournament went this weekend. I want everyone to know that the plaques that were given out were created in the FabLab by Mr. larsen's students. Thank you for creating such a beautiful plague. Also, in the news Becky Atchak took 3 students Jeri Dan, Averon Katcheak, and Emery Lockwood to the state Yupik Spelling Bee contest, we are waiting to hear how they did.
TLA - ​​Teller is having lots of sunshine and long days. We’re working on persistence with school work. We thanked our student workers with a Milanos pizza lunch Thursday. Our Power Paw ice cream celebration will be Friday afternoon for all students and staff and we celebrate the good deeds done over the past few months.
UNK -​-Unalakleet was very pleased to host two representatives from the US Coast Guard on Tuesday of this last week. They shared important information about water safety, life jackets & hypothermia with our entire student body during three separate presentations. We would like to thank Lewis, Chad & the United States Coast Guard, for providing this wonderful public service.We are looking forward to hosting the Arts & Culture/Youth Leadership Expo on Monday through Wednesday of next week. We want to welcome artists, instructors, students, parents & staff members that will meet to share skills, information, traditions, stories, culture & take part in leadership training during these exciting three days. Around 40 guest students, a dozen or so instructors, along w/ the MS & HS students from Unalakleet will learn, laugh, paint, carve, tell stories, sew, practice NYO skills & form relationships that will last for years. We're really looking forward to having a great time & we can hardly wait for the event to commence.
WAA - ​Wales has a little dribbler's tournament this weekend with Elim and Diomede. Kids are excited and can't wait to play.
WMO -​ PEAKS TESTING COMPLETE!!! Celebration to take place late Friday afternoon in coordination with WMO Tribal Organization. Cookout after school, sledding on WMO hill. AIMSweb spring benchmark halfway completed this week for K-8. Students looking forward to GLV little dribblers trip next weekend for 18 seats to GLV!

Upcoming Important Dates
4/16-19 - Youth Cultural Heritage Leadership Academy (UNK)
4/18-22 - REACH UP Culminating Workshop (Fairbanks)
4/19-20 - NYO Competition/ Arts and Culture Expo. (SMK)
4/24 - Board Committee Meetings (SHH)
4/25 - Board Meeting (SHH)
4/23-5/4 - ANSEP Middle School Academy
5/5-6 - BREAL Training (UNK)
5/24 - Principal Check-out