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Thank you for taking the time fill out this survey so that we can improve the quality of education the Bering Strait School District. All personally identifiable information will be kept confidential, although trends will be analyzed. When you complete the form, a confirmation will be sent to your email address, and you will be sent to the main BSSD website.

Graduate Follow-up Survey

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Since leaving high school, which of
these have you done?:
If you entered a college or technical school,
which of the following best applies?:
Successfully completed a 2-year, 4-year or certificate program
Currently taking classes & plan to graduate
No longer taking classes, but plan to return to school within 12 months
No longer taking classes& no plans to return to school
List any schools you have attended:
List any certificates or degrees
earned & the year:
If you attended college or technical school
who supported you and how? What
did your family, school and community do?:
Are you currently employed?: Yes
If you are employed, with whom?
What is your job title?:
What is the most positive experience
that BSSD provided you?:
Was there anything that you felt as
the BSSD did not provide you?:
Do you have children? If so,
how many?:
Do you have any future goals that include
further education? If so, what are they?: