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DART Drop / Transfer Form
Use this form for dropping students, or to transfer a student to a different school, and we will make the changes in DART. Please be sure to answer all the required questions, and look up any items you don't know about this student, as each is a point of a data used to calculate AYP and for monitoring patterns and trends for your school. Leaving data blank, or guessing at the answer will corrupt your school's data. If you aren't sure how to answer, contact us!

PowerSchool Student Drop / Transfer Form

Fill out the following information (bold fields are mandatory) and click 'Submit'.

First Name:
Last Name:
Alaska Student ID:
School Losing Student:
Transfer to another BSSD school?:
Transfer to another Alaskan district?:
Reason for Exit:
Drop Reason:
Testing Level:
Last Date of Attendance:
Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY):
Is this a Special Education student?:
If YES, have Special Ed records (including discipline files)
been sent to the new school?::
Person Requesting Transfer:
Your Email Address:


DART Project Info :: Support :: Contact
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