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DART Class Group & Teacher Schedule Adjustment Form

Principals, assistant principals and counselors should use this form for making adjustments to a student's actual classes, as well as a teacher's official Class Groups. This is what we use to add students to a course in DART, drop students from a class, and which teachers to assign teachers classes.

Teachers can only enter final grades for classes to which they are the Teacher of Record. These appear on their Class Groups menu on the left side of DART when assigned. Counselors and principals should use the "View Class Groups" link under "Manage Groups" on the left side of DART to view all the classes and students currently scheduled, and then make adjustments needed with this form.

When you submit the form, Curriculum and Instruction and BSSD Ed Tech staff make the changes in DART - usually within a day. You can use this form to make the same change for individual students, or a group of up to 20 students.

Class Group Add / Drop Form

Fill out the following information (bold fields are mandatory) and click 'Submit'.

Type of Schedule Change:
Person Requesting Change:
Your Email Address:
Your Position:
AFNR Class:
AFNR Teacher(s):
BICULT Teacher(s):
BUS Class:
BUS Teacher(s):
CCR Class:
CCR Teacher(s):
COMP Class:
COMP Teacher(s):
CONST Class:
CONST Teacher(s):
ELA Class:
ELA Teacher(s):
FLNG Class:
FLNG Teacher(s):
FPA Class:
FPA Teacher(s):
HEAL Class:
HEAL Teacher(s):
HOST Class:
HOST Teacher(s):
HSRV Class:
HSRV Teacher(s):
LIBM Class:
LIBM Teacher(s):
MANU Class:
MANU Teacher(s):
MATH Class:
MATH Teacher(s):
PHSE Class:
PHSE Teacher:
SCI Class:
SCI Teacher(s):
SOST Class:
SOST Teacher(s):
TLOG Class:
TLOG Teacher(s):
What BSSD school are these students in?:
What grade level are these students in?:
Student 1 (Full Name):
Student 2 (Full Name):
Student 3 (Full Name):
Student 4 (Full Name):
Student 5 (Full Name):
Student 6 (Full Name):
Student 7 (Full Name):
Student 8 (Full Name):
Student 9 (Full Name):
Student 10 (Full Name):
Student 11 (Full Name):
Student 12 (Full Name):
Student 13 (Full Name):
Student 14 (Full Name):
Student 15 (Full Name):
Student 16 (Full Name):
Student 17 (Full Name):
Student 18 (Full Name):
Student 19 (Full Name):
Student 20 (Full Name):
Have any of these students taken the class(es) before?:
If so, what is the goal of taking the course again?:
File Upload:


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