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BSSD Course Request Form

Use this form for proposing a new course be added to the BSSD curriculum and DART, whether it a site-based class, distance learning experience or dual enrollment course with a university. Please be sure to answer all the required questions. Once the course is approved by the Director of Curriculum and Instruction you will need to fill out a DART Group & Teacher Schedule Adjustment Form to add the student or students to a section in DART. If you aren't sure how to answer, contact us!

BSSD Course Request

Fill out the following information (bold fields are mandatory) and click 'Submit'.

First Name:
Last Name:
What is the title of the proposed course(s)?:
Type of Course:
Person Requesting Course:
Your Email Address:
Location of Course Instruction:
Basic Description
(upload any supporting documents):
Start date of first proposed class - From:
End date of first proposed class - To:
Expected length of the course:
How often do you see this course bieng offered? (if approved):
BSSD or NACTEC Teacher (if known):
Oversight Administrator (if known):
File Upload:


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