Special Education

Special Education Directory

Office Hours:
 8:00AM - 5:00PM | Main Phone: 907.624.4288

Coordinator: Jessie Towarak Email: jtowarak@bssd.org Phone: 907.624.4278

District Psychologist: Peggy Munten 

Email: peggy.munten@bssd.org 
Phone: 907.624.4230

Program Facilitator: Jessica Marks 
Email: jmarks@bssd.org 
Phone: 907.624.4297

Administrative Assistant: Melanie Sagoonick
Email: msagoonick@bssd.org
Phone: 907.624.4227

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Alaska Special Education Parent's Guide
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Council for Exceptional Children Website
Participation Guidelines for Inclusion of Alaska Students in State Assessments
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