Science Fair

2020 BSSD Science Fair -Golovin

2020 BSSD Science Fair
 Participants and Coaches

2020 BSSD Science Fair State Qaulifiers
Overall Results
(Left to Right)
1st place:
 Sadie Booshu (GAM)
2nd place: Emma Olanna   (SHH)
3rd place: Emma Sagoonick (SKK)
4th place: Harley Tank (GAM) (Missing from Picture)

Presentation Display Results
1st Place: Melissa Olanna (KTS)
2nd Place: Elle Garnie & Vianne Foster (TLA)
3rd Place: Taylor Ablowaluk (TLA)

Mathematical Representation
1st Place: Devin Rock (SKK)
2nd Place: Kelly Hunt (SKK)

2020 State Science Fair
Will take place virtually in May.

2019 State Science Fair - Anchorage

State Results
Jacob Iya (SVA) - $200 for INTEL Excellence in Computer Science and
$100 with his category first place

Shaelynn Shetters (GAM) - Achievement in Research in Psychological Science

Payton Gandee (SKK) - honorable mention best abstract,
3rd place Best Display,  
Society of Women Engineers for an
Outstanding Secondary Project in the Field of Engineering plus monetary award

2019 BSSD Science Fair - St. Michael

Overall Results
1st place:
Shaelynn Shetters (GAM)
2nd place: Jacoby Iya (SVA)
3rd place: Payton Gandee (SKK)
4th place: Sharlyna Gologergen (SVA)

Presentation Display Results
1st Place: Nikolai Avulnun and Archie Henry-Apatiki (GAM)
2nd Place: Alex Sookiayak (SKK)
3rd Place: Payton Gandee (SKK)