Jeff Erickson, Student Activities Director 
907.624.4232     |    jerickson@bssd.org           

Linda Cooper, Student Activities Administrative Assistant 
907.624.4248      |     lcooper@bssd.org

Here are the contents for our FY 18 Student Activities Handbook

Table of Contents

Section 1. Inservice and Calendars
FY18 Activity Calendar
Principal Inservice Page
Frequently Asked Questions
ASAA Calendar of Events 2017-18
Activities Information Page
AD and Principal Info

Section 2. Site Information
Site AD Job Description
Coaches Job Description
Added Duty and MOA Payment Schedule
Student Activities Stipend Schedule

Section 3. BSSD Activities Policies
BSSD Student Activities Participation and Guidelines
ASAA Citizenship Rules

Section 4. BSSD Forms
BSSD Forms

Section 5. Coach/Chaperone Handbook
Chaperone Handbook

Section 6. Resources
BSSD Travel Policy
Boat Safety Procedures
BSSD Travel Contacts
Mileage Chart
Rental Vehicle Memo
Competition Guidelines
Host Site Checklist
Visitors Letter Template
First Aid Information
DO and Host Site Tournament Responsibilities
Academic Activities Summary
Basketball and Volleyball Seeding and Standing Notes
Activity Websites
School Mascots and Colors
Educational Enrichment Activities and Contacts
Gun Safety
Host School Responsibilities
Mixed 6 Volleyball Rules
Coaches Performance Evaluation
Coaches Self Evaluation
District and Conference Tournament Sites
Historical Reference Tournament Sites
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Info Sheet