Exemplary Sportsmanship Recognitions

2017-2018 Exemplary Sportsmanship Recognitions

Description: BSSD would like to recognize outstanding examples of sportsmanship that occur during our school events. If you note a situation that you think should be worthy of attention and recognition, please fill in the information below and send it to the BSSD Student Activities Director, Jeff Erickson. It will be included in the weekly email and/or other publications. A certificate will also be sent to the individual(s) thanking them for their actions.

Miriam Kulowiyi & Miesha Niksik, Savoonga
September 23, 2017
At the 2017 Bering Strait Conference Cross Country Running Championships the two girl Savoonga Cross Country team were awarded the second place team trophy. After a review, it was discovered that the Saint Michael girls team actually place higher. While disappointed, the Savoonga girls graciously gave the award up without complaint. This kind of sportsmanship and class is to be recognized and applauded. 
Miriam Kulowiyi and Misha Niksik Exemplary Sports 

Maureen "Manu" Booshu & Summer "Mali" Apatiki, Gambell
October 30, 2017
Setting a great example on their trip to Shaktoolik.

 Conner Takak, Shaktoolik
November 10, 2017
Conner won the award of Most Pins at this years Annual Wrestling & Cheerleading Tournament. When he returned to Shaktoolik, he shared his trophy with the parents of his friend who passed away this past summer. Showing outstanding unselfishness. 
Conner Takak Exemplary Sport
Zach Moses Exemplary Sport  Donald Olson Jr. & Zach Moses, Golovin
November 17, 2017
Donald returned home from this years Annual Wrestling & Cheerleading Tournament, and handmade wooden medals for all of his teammates who did not win a medal at the tournament. Zach Moses (pictured on the left) lost a difficult match to disqualification yet continued to keep his head up, cheering his team on, and coming back to win the championship later.