Student Activities

Brendan Ellis, Student Activities Director 
(907) 624-4281

Linda Cooper, Student Activities Administrative Assistant 

​Fiscal Year 2019 Student Activities Handbook Contents
Table of Contents FY19

Section 1: Inservice and Calendars
BSSD SA Athletic Director/Principal Info 19
FY19 Principal Inservice
Frequently Asked Questions 19
2019 Student Activities Calendar
Activities Spreadsheet FY19
2018-19 ASAA Calendar of Events
2019-2022 ASAA Three Year Projected Calendar

Section 2: Site Information
Site AD Job Description
Coach Job Description
FY19 Stipend Payment Schedule
FY 19 Student Activities Stipend Schedule

Section 3: BSSD Activities Policies
The True Meaning of High School Sports
BSSD/ASAA Code of Conduct
ASAA Sportsmanship Creed
Rental Vehicle Memo
Travel Policy FY19
Boat Safety Procedures FY19
Payment of Officials Procedure
BSSD Student Activities Eligibility FY19
BSSD Grading Policy FY19
Letter Grade/GPA Conversion
Competition Expectation Guidelines FY19
ASAA Citizenship Rules

Section 4: BSSD Forms
BSSD Forms FY19

Section 5: Coach/Chaperone Handbook
Coach/Chaperone Handbook

Section 6: Resource Information
BSSD School Mascot & Colors
Academic Activity Summary FY19
District Office/Site Tournament Responsibilities
Host School Responsibilities
Visitors Letter Template
Host Site Checklist
Basketball and Volleyball Seed Standings Policies
Mixed-6 Volleyball Rules
Basic Medical Kit Supplies
Suggested First Aid Medical Kit Items
Educational and Enrichment Activities and Contacts
Academic Activity Spreadsheet
Gun Safety & Handling
Mileage Chart
Historical Site Tournament Selection
FY19 Tournament Site Selection
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Info