Strategic Plan

Bering Strait School District
Strategic Plan
Developed May 2016
The Bering Strait School District Strategic Plan was last updated in 2011. The plan is a dynamic document and is intended to direct the work of the district for three to five years.  The team for this iteration included community members, community partners, Advisory Education Committee members, Regional School Board members,
parents, teachers, and administrators.

The outcome of this session is based on:

• Concentration of effort through a focused purpose and measurable objectives
• Full district and community involvement and support              
• District and community consensus
• Implementation accompanied with specific accountability


The Bering Strait School District will educate our children to become self-sufficient and responsible citizens through quality programs that express high expectations for all in a safe, supportive and collaborative environment. 


The Bering Strait School District will educate our children to become self-sufficient and contributing citizens through quality programs that reflect our children's heritage.

Belief Statements:

 Integration of traditional knowledge and understanding of our heritage and culture lead to success,
 respect, and understanding. 
 All students can and will learn and succeed.
 Every student has a right to educational opportunities to achieve his or her potential.
 Learning is a lifelong process in which a student can and will learn and succeed.
 Students will achieve excellence through quality instruction and high expectations.
 Learning is the collaborative responsibility of the student, the school, the family and the community.
 Ongoing, two-way communication is critical for student and teacher success.
 Graduates continue to attend post-secondary training/schools and complete the program.
 All students upon graduation will be successful in life skills.
 All students have opportunity to learn their native language.

                          Respect Statement Umbrella

Goals & Objectives

1. We will review standards and revise curriculum instructional methods, assessments and recording/ reporting procedures.
• Implement Response to Intervention (RTI) structures in BSSD.
• Utilize curriculum formative and summative assessments that align with Alaska State Grade Content Standards.
• Record, report and communicate student performance at middle school and high school to parents,
guardians and partners through the established district management system.
• Provide alternative learning methods/opportunities.

2. We will develop and promote family, community, and regional partnerships and implement programs that promote culture and heritage and provide student support.
• Recognizing and utilizing local expertise, incorporate local culture, heritage and traditional values
into curriculum.
• Involve students in local, regional and state cultural events.
• Involve students in documenting, publishing and archiving local culture and history (past and present).
• Improve communication between school and community.
• Partner with regional organizations

3. We will annually review graduation, dropout and attendance data and create/revise specific action plans.
• Work to achieve and increase of .5% each year to achieve 92% attendance rate district-wide by 2021.
• Decrease the district’s dropout rate .25% per year for a total increase of 1.25% by 2021.
• Maintaining the district graduation rate of 84% each year until 2021.

4. We will develop a comprehensive career and technical education (CTE) curriculum and delivery system to serve all students and develop post-secondary plans to help students successfully transition to life after high school.
• Develop a robust and comprehensive distance and residential delivery system for BSSD.
• Develop guidance and counseling strategies for post high school graduation opportunities.
• Increase, maintain and promote transition/career exploration program partnerships.
• Support and promote the education of local students and community members to become paraprofessionals and certified teachers in the schools.

2016-21 Strategic Plan PDF